Max Verstappen VS Formula One

Max Verstappen
Max Verstappen 
Last Formula One Grand Prix showed to us the style of Max Verstappen karting world. We liked his unique aggressive style for ending America's GP, but is this liked to Max Verstappen?
Max Verstappen doesn’t like the decision of directors. After his best speed limit, he gets the penalty and taken for 4th place at Austin GPVerstappen wanted to be on the podium like a real champion of America's GP, but when champions did like Max do? Is this liked to Christian Horner?

Christian Horner is a greatness person in the autosport world. Of course, he disliked it, because he is a director of the Red Bull Racing F1 Team. He remembers many strange things did by Sebastian Vettel or Mark Webber in Formula One,  but is this liked to Jos Verstappen?
We like Jos Verstappen for his clear belief to son. Jos Verstappen really likes that thing that Max Verstappen did. Why not? Jos did something in his pasts, but is this liked to someone who “disturb" the career of Max Verstappen to?

Who is that someone? Who is that strange judge that disappointed all of us, especially Max and Jos Verstappen to? (Mexico GP to) Perhaps they are older and people with more experience that is a part of real autosport?
Perhaps they just know about Formula One nothing, they are just people? Not? So why Max Verstappen allows himself to speak loudly words addressed to people not just know a hundred times more about auto racing, about people who have seen all aspects of motorsport, about people in front of them the career of drivers were built and ended? Don’t you agree?
I propose to return the probation period to F1. Look at Daniil Kvyat. I don’t think he dared to say that. Let's export Max Verstappen to Toro Rosso. Let's put him behind the wheel of karting car. Maybe at that place understood that he is a real champion much better. Don’t agree, and then answer to simple questions. Is this the best way to prove your speed and opportunities? Is it good for Max Verstappen like for driver career, all these "likes"?

Taisiya Lavi

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