Ferrari F1 bad vs luck Mclaren F1. Let’s talk about you.

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Ferrari F1 bad vs luck Mclaren F1

Yes - yes about you, who reads these lines. The situation with Ferrari F1 team is a unique, because last time when Ferrari F1 cars did not finish in two races in a row was happened 17 years ago. This is bad. It began with Singapore GP, then Malaysia GP and Suzuka GP for now.  I thought like you to, it was just something unpredictable in Formula One that would not happen again, but it was repeated. Anyway I’m continuing to believe that this is just the bad luck, and you?

Let's just forget this day, let’s just think that it was not a good time, it's not over yet. Let's think that this is just bad luck and everything is at the hands of fortune. We just let this day go away as if it was not, because the autosport is continued.

McLaren Honda told us broken promises for 3 years, that everything will be fine, but the failures continue to haunt the team. And that's bad.  I stopped to listen to Eric Bouillet and Zak Brown for a long time ago because the result is more important than empty words, isn’t it? Despite the words I believe in the will come day and McLaren cars will take a place of honor and the drivers will become too famous champions, but not today, not on this day of bad luck. And you? Or don’t  you think that Sebastian Vettel or Kimi Raikkonen do not try? Or do you think that Fernando Alonso is not trying to get success or is Stoffel Vandoorne not working at full strength? Or is the car guilty? Perhaps, are engineers of Formula One team guilty?

Let's just think that these are failures, just bad luck that happens. Let's just be happy with the achievements of Max Verstappen, how is happy Helmut Marko! Let's just share sincere of joy with Lewis Hamilton. Let's smile with Daniel Ricciardo together for this fine Suzuka GP and beautiful race. Don’ t you agree?

Then look at these people, look at their eyes overflowing with the joy for everyone, regardless of the team that they are believed. Look at their joyful smiles in spite of what is happening. Look how they sincerely rejoice for everyone: from the director to the driver and the press. They are happy for every mechanic: from the one who wipes the Formula One car to the one who stands outside, for everyone and to everyone. Are you do happy? I do. I believe that these fans need to get free admission to the Paddock Club of Formula One.  It does not matter to them that the failure has come, they are not ready to discuss the behavior of Lewis Hamilton outside the racetrack and the behavior of Max Verstappen on the race. And you? They do not care who and how many could not, because they know that this is just a day, one simple unsuccessful day, just unsuccessful, but it will pass. Don’t you agree?

Thanks to motorsport, cars are faster, more practical, and directors find new solutions to problems. Thanks to these days drivers become smarter, more vigorous, and mechanics working harder. Thanks to these days, inventions and miracles of automobile progress are taking place.
Let's say thanks to everyone, to everyone mechanic, everyone director and driver for a wonderful day! Everything is bad? All wrong? Everyone is wrong, and the other fans are simply unbearable because their team won today?

 Then let's talk about you.

Taisiya Lavi

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