F1 champion Nico Rosberg will drive Mclaren Honda. How is measuring the F1 respective standing?

Fernando Alonso and Nico Rosberg
 Nico Rosberg and Alonso
Sooner or later we would know the answer for the “Who will drive Mclaren” question. Apparently, it will be F1 champion, Nico Rosberg, against the will or by the willing of McLaren F1 team fans.

After all, Nico Rosberg is a world champion and his experience allows him to make loud statements. He has extensive experience and resounding authority.

Fernando Alonso chooses a helmet for Austin GP USA Grand Prix meanwhile Nico Rosberg sure about Fernando Alonso is to blame for poor team choices. I need to show his words to you.

I understand F1 champion Nico Rosberg' standing in Formula One. I'm respecting him, but he has to stop on that, but….
"It's his only option," the German said."Yes, but that's not Formula 1 -- and Formula 1 is themaximum."
By this way, I can assume Nico Rosberg knows more about Fernando Alonso, more than Fernando Alonso knows about himself own. Apparently, Rosberg knows answers on “How to become a formula 1 driver ”, “Who will win f1 race” “Who won formula 1” “Who will win the grand prix today” questions and more – “How is measuring the F1 standings?” "Who drives for Mclaren

Let’s imagine it happened by that way, F1 champion Nico Rosberg will be able to cope with all the difficulties in the Mclaren Honda team and car too and he will take F1 pole. Perhaps, he will win the Grand Prix! Now let's imagine, for a moment, for a second, dear friend that same troubles of Mclaren car happened with his car in 2016. Presented? It is very interesting to see he reacts, and most importantly to hear his same loudly words as it is today.

He is F1 champion and knows more than someone other. After all, he was racing in very difficult conditions, and his car wasn’t competitive, it all started from scratch. Mercedes wasn’t the top team with a fast car and talented direction. Wasn’t? So why then does woke up the gift of clairvoyance in Nico Rosberg, meanwhile his championship's title he couldn't predict?

Well, let’s ask Nico Rosberg who was Hamilton? I can’t forget those words “No means not” when we speak about Nico Rosberg. Now it is clear why Lewis Hamilton is a new human champion.
I don't know if Fernando Alonso will write about this moment of his life in his biography, but if someone will ask a few lines about the future of autosport, he would say that F1 champion Nico Rosberg will drive for Mclaren Honda.

Taisiya Lavi

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