Dear driver, I know you had a hard day. Keep hold of your gloves!

Driver Stig Top Gear
Driver Stig Top Gear

Is acceleration failed? Is speed was not so high on this racetrack? There were yourself made mistakes too and something went wrong. You know, I'm often asked what I think about Formula One racing incidents. Wouldn’t you agree, they are so attracted to speed fans at the Indycar racing? It is setting a certain tone and gives some kind of beauty to the battle on the Rallycross stages. Dear driver, my female vote maybe couldn't be considered, I told that motorsport is dangerous. We can talk all day about racing conditions: dry or wet, about your full tanks and that your mechanics were wrong, how right you were. You know, I’m a very sensitive person; I rarely speak about auto sport crash. Did you know that any of your failure has own side? 

Don't you know that men have chosen this path of way life and understood true essence are real brave ones. No, not in the eyes of fans and women, they are just courageous fighters of the Formula E racing.
However, dear driver, heroes like you became for a long time before. Men, real men, warriors of the Formula OneIndycar drivers and WRC champions became brave heroes, not at one day. When they won the price, even not when sat behind the wheel for the first time. It happened when you held your first sports race when you felt their first racing accident and sat behind the wheel again.
I don’ t care what you would say now, my dear driver: about problems with the press, on the road or at home. I believe in you! Don’t you consider yourself a wise and brave driver? Then prove it to the whole world what you are worth! Show me everything that you are capable of and what you deserve on this Indycar race! To be honest, I'm sorry that many people expect from you something more in this WEC race.

Driver Stig Top Gear
Driver Stig Top Gear
Dear driver, remember, only you have the right to demand more from yourself on this new racetrack in this unfamiliar car. No one else has the right to decide for you, whether the race was successful or not and what you showed! You can do it because you have already overcome so many difficulties!
Titles, cups and contracts, everything will happen with you, if you wouldn’t stop believing in yourself and your strength. You have all of these because you are a brave driver, worthy champion. Therefore, keep your gloves and go to sit behind the wheel!

I want to say thanks from all and everyone for you didn't leave your goals. Believe in yourself, my dear driver! Great victories waiting for You!

Taisiya Lavi

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