Who is your favorite driver?

Who is your favorite driver?
Who is your favorite driver?

Many people asked me this question. How could I say for it, if no one believes that I haven't a favorite driver?

Isn't the atmosphere of autosport more important than just the pictures of faces?
Isn't real results of the driver's job more interesting than just a driver?
Isn't the history remembers the numbers of places by the battle on the racetrack than just characters of the statistic?

Dears, I haven't a favorite driver as much as I have at all, because I am proud of every stronger person who takes this way of life. It's the way of the battle for results for progress for numbers for positions with his steel friend - the sports car.

What team is your favorite?

These guys, all and everybody very brave. They work hard the same time the same way. How I could choose one or another team if they work very hard?

Aren't they all deserve good words for their selves?
Aren't they all real heroes?

Who is your favorite? 

I'm very proud of Niki Lauda as much as I really think that he is the hero of our time with his special view on the news in Formula One.

I'm very proud of Sebastien Bourdais for his real nature behavior as much as I like the simple persons in Indycar.

I'm very happy to know Daniel Sordo for his specific manners for driving.

I'm very happy that you are reading my post. 

Let's proud of them together!

Taisiya Lavi

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