“Serious” casting of Citroen Racing.

Taisiya Lavi September 06, 2017

In any series of Motor sport there are always people I just don't understand. However, despite my all respect to Mr. Zak Brown and my misunderstanding of his manifold activities, he began to looking better. Not by the literal sense of the word. Now he is not the same evil genius that seemed before. His image in the media looks better to. It happened when he ceased to exert pressure on the drivers, I think.

Any racing team is a big family. It's not means just the partners in the collective work. The real friendly clan, and their union relationships is the love of racing. Isn't right? Don't believe? Do ask any driver, mechanic or promoter. It's like a pyramid, all connected. By this way I do not understand Yves Matton.

Not so long time ago, Yves Matton of Citroen Racing said he would not keep Andreas Mikkelsen. It means the driver, who started the season in the one family goes to the other for now. It means no one will give the offer to Mikkelsen for the best option to stay in his team. 
You may think that it is normal, but it is wrong. In Spain, the UK and Australia he will be with different family, but no one has anything against that. What kind of attitude is that? What is it called?
The reason is simple and understandable to all — is Sebastien Ogier. Of course, on the position of the head, it's probably right decision. By the fans view everyone would be happy to come backing of Loeb.

We all always choose the better option, but when you are not bound by simply contract only. You all have single goal to join together; you go to bed and wake up with this. Does it mean to lose your future champion if you will lose one of your team members? Could happen in future someone won’t to working with you, because of this attitude? Is the concept of a united family becomes only a workforce bound by a contract?

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