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Lewis Hamilton and Nascar.

Lewis Hamilton: Formula One vs Nascar

Did you ever thought about driver of Formula One would be a Nascar's driver? Indycar? Maybe. WRC? Perhaps. For example: Kimi Raikkonen. What about Nascar?  This is a unique racing, really dangerous and specific show. Not every driver could be successful by this way.
Anyway thinking that Lewis Hamilton could be.

Nascar's driver

By the way they have many reasons for it, meanwhile Lewis Hamilton couldn't be sure about it. For more he doesn't want to end his career in Formula One and, for Stewart-Haas Racing in Nascar to. I can't understand these reasons. So, I have mine for Lewis Hamilton wouldn' t be.

Lewis Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton is a carting driver he came from carting world, he had been told us about it many times. All his long way - it is a carting world (till the Formula one), as the first. It needs to get used to Nascar car, its not a one or two years, you need more time. It doesn't matter that you are the Formula One driver.

Lewis Hamilton

Like it or not, but Nascar cars as racing is different from Formula One racing, to much different. It's other rule and other specific as other speed and force, as the second . Stewart-Haas Racing is unbelievable and greatest team in Nascar world. What about Lewis Hamilton?

Lewis Hamilton

He is great driver, has special unique style of driving, but. But why to many journalists talking about Lewis Hamilton ending career Formula One? I mean, if no one told about it, no one thought about his experience in Nascar's world. Perhaps he will win championship of this year, but it doesn't mean that Lewis Hamilton ends his career. He is especial person, no one could stop him, till he takes his goals. By this way, if he will win, he want to get another one and another and another. This is mine third and last reason.

How do you think, would Lewis Hamilton really take Stewart-Haas Racing car and leave his Formula One place? 

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