Fernando Alonso. We are waiting with you.

Fernando Alonso
Fernando Alonso
It seems that not we only. Fans of McLaren Honda are waiting like is waiting team  to. We are waiting for Fernando Alonso's decision as he waiting some kind of progress. Let's ask Fernando why he makes us wait, because we do guess what a progress will be.

McLaren team's success is a big question, that we have been asking every race day and every year for now. Meanwhile, we are forget that changes need the time. By this way we will not see higher places and podiums till that moment, when Honda leave us. It means that any good positions (really good places) we couldn't see tomorrow in Malasia GP or after month. Anyway, if  it would be, Fernando Alonso could be proud by himself.

We are still waiting, but we understand that he choose really especial team of "Power of Dreams". Why special? Sometimes it seems that Fernando Alonso directing all ways of working Mclaren, but his influence wasn't  same always. He begin to direct, when proved to anyone in Mclaren that he could.

Mclaren was the greatest team in Autosport world and Formula one  and is being for now to. It had been beginning more powerful, when to much people believed in it: managers, directors, drivers, fans, people, all. Fernando Alonso will stay with Mclaren, because it's his team: from engineer to Zak Brown. Mclaren Honda needs more believe by people and drivers, than more belief, than stronger the team.

By this way doesn't matter when Fernando Alonso will make his decision and what kind of it would be like, it will be right.  We and Mclaren and fans waiting with you.

Taisiya Lavi

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