F1 race Singapore. Who is in fault?

Taisiya Lavi September 18, 2017

This Formula 1 Grand Prix will be remembered for a long time, cause we couldn’t forget strange accident at the start of the race. People like talking and like to blame. Fans of Ferrari Formula One team told that it was Max Verstappen vine, as guys from Red Bull Racing team talking like it was Sebastian Vettel.
After all, Jos Verstappen told some kind of words about Singapore f1 race. We understand all of them as much as Jos Verstappen too.
It's really interesting for me that no one told about the Singapore GP. I don’t try to blame the organization, no. Let's think together.
This F1 GP race track very difficult, case design of circuit is very different.
Lets will think about the time of racing. It’s night with artificial light, but it's dark.
Sebastian Vettel,  Kimi Raikkonen, Max Verstappen, they aren’t guilty as I'm guessed. Why? When you saw the rain on Singapore Circuit for the last time? When it was?
We know about Max Verstappen behavior on race battle, as we know Kimi Raikkonen is very orderly like Sebastian Vettel to.

In this way, no one was ready for the rain. Singapore racetrack wasn’t ready for this weather conditions like our drivers too. Don’t agree? Would you ask to Jos Verstappen about it?

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