Fans of autosport are everything for drivers and teams!

Taisiya Lavi August 08, 2017

Your fans  - your everything, guys!
No fans – no money – no funny!
I heard a lot of things that autosport fans aren't so easy on the side of autosport. You are too, from the Indycar’s drivers.

Dear drivers, just imagine that picture: empty stands, empty roads, empty autograph session, no one person….just no one. Like this

Of course, I wouldn’t talk about a strange person like this)

Tell me who is will be buying tickets for seeing the race? Who is gonna be watching your success? Who is gonna be with very heartily happy about you as you too?

Who is gonna be standing under the rain for you?   Under the hot sun, only for you? 

When I was younger, I hoped to be on a special show in Moscow was organized by Flavio Briatore for searching Renault F1's sponsors in Russia. There were new sports cars. But I was too young and not so pretty for being at that place. So security asked me to leave. Now I could be where I want. Anyway, till this moment I can’t understand why someone of truly loved by autosport and autosports' cars hasn’t the ability for free passing to see the racing.

Sometimes, it seems, when driver one alone and no one can share his grief, only his fan would be crying with all the heart with the driver.

Love your fans as much as they believe in you!

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