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Were our tsar to chosen me, I would …Lewis Hamilton and his guitar

Mercedes AMG F1 team
Three fair maidens, late one night,
Sat and spun by candlelight. "Were our tsar to chosen me," Said the eldest of the three, "I would …..
(The Tale of Tsar Saltan)
This is a wonderful Russian tale about happens in our life when we are expecting at least. I remember that Lewis Hamilton likes to playing on guitar. So, dears it would not happens by this year. You know why? Everything happens in your life when you are don't expect.
Are we already have Hungarian GP?

Scuderia Ferrari

And Sebastian Vettel, which is looks similar an eagle aimed for the title of Formula -1's championship.

Sebastian Vettel

We are understood the obviousness of the situation: the advantage of the Mercedes AMG Petronas F1 Team during the Formula One season. I have the impression the storm is coming for Mercedes F1 team and the first thunder is Valtteri Bottas, isn't it?

Dear friends, I am very proud to the Toto Wolff's job, very respecting to Niki Lauda. But something is wrong. What's wrong? 

You know better dears
You can talk about the advantages of Lewis Hamilton as much as his talents. Including to play the guitar. But by this year he will have to work hard, and the guitar will have to wait.
"Were our tsar to chosen me...."

Lewis Hamilton

You know what the worst thing in Motorsport (apart from accidents)? Things of obvious. To be honest, I don't like the obvious. Maybe because I'm a Russian, maybe because a woman, but I don't like the obviously things.
Friends! Is it obvious he will take the title of this year? Or his guitar will feel the touch of his fingers for long time?

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Taisiya Lavrova (creator)

I enjoy Autosport. Are you with me?

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