The five “If” to trust Christian Horner!

Taisiya Lavi August 11, 2017

Why I’m talking about it? I think you will be interested in the real professionalism of Christian. It's because someone needs to have to learn something from him. So. Let’s see the Interview.

If Christian Horner talking that success of Formula One means - battle fighting on the racetrack – it's the real truth.  

If he would like to return to the V10 or V12 motors - He is right more than ever, because understands about bad sound ….well, like Red Bull Racing F1 team’s fans

If he said that Aston Martin and Lamborghini must be in Formula One,
how could I dare to disagree? Are you?

If he said that Sebastian Vettel could possible to take the title of Formula One’s championship 2017 – he is right like no other.

If Christian Horner talking Max Verstappen will be stronger by second part of the season, he is right cause we thinking by same way - that future of Mad Max in his hands only!

Do you have any “IF’ for Christian Horner?

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