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Martin Brundle started, Jenson Вutton was supported and the fans sighed sadly, only Fernando Alonso is smiling maliciously, knowing that he did everything possible. Or not?

“Divorce!” — said Alonso left the car and sat down on the chair in Hungary GP. Guys stop! Already enough! How much of “pity” will be more? Is belief in “Power of Dreams “ has Fernando Alonso only? Guys, patience, patience, and patience!

Here, for example,
Martin Brundle started, Jenson Вutton
Mr. Button, wouldn’t you regret the past? Stoffel Vandoorne is still believed! Normally? All is well! It creates a strange impression. Did you are forced went to McLaren Honda? Is It was like during the war, at gunpoint? No! Why all of these circumstances? This guilt? These regrets and introspection?

Racing is your life this is your way! Look at Daniil Kvyat! He hasn’t just a small part of your achievements! Vitaly Petrov? Did someone spare him? Something is wrong and somehow is wrong. The F1’s team has the professionals only, someone better someone worse.

“I didn't get in, I didn't take….more and more”. Are you have a crisis of age or do you forget that you are all the biggest part of Motorsport? Then why you do the drama from what is called “life”?

Shame on you, gentlemen!

Taisiya Lavi

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