Mad Max: fury road, new replacing.

Taisiya Lavi August 01, 2017

And here's the new trailer. Anyway, we are not in Australia but it was in Hungary GP. Mad Max Verstappen trying to be first and doesn’t “notice” such a sunny Daniel Ricciardo. It seems like the drive one alone at the racetrack!

When Max Verstappen came to Formula One I have been compared him with Carlos Sainz (jr) always till that moment, when understood they are completely different people. But, what kind of different? Is Max so “Mad” that to be a champion? Is it bad or good? Let's put everything.

At the first: Max Verstappen is very young, too much, younger at all! He hasn’t experience for behaving like a real Mad Max. Just looking at Jenson Button’s work! He should be having new thoughts, the new solutions. But where is it? The regulation requires, and I didn’t saw the miracles from Max... Here is the second.

The requirements of drivers become higher and higher for recent years. You could talk with Charlie Whiting directly. Sebastian Vettel in this meaning — not the gift of happiness. In this way where is fury road? You know what? I think as long as Mad Max doesn’t demand from him selves as much as he requires from others too, he would be still so far away from Ayrton Senna  (as told his father). Here is the third for you. Anyway, I'm sure that his “Mad” is a part of the especial character, typical for many great men. But it still needs to be raised. And where? Of course in the battle on the racetrack and not in that way.

Dear Max Verstappen! Show us what you can! With a competent balance of power! We will be happy for you. After all, we need a new champion. All in your hands, Mad Max!

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