Sebastian Morris. Experience or self-assertive?

 Sebastian Morris
If we have a race track in Russia, even we have our driver in Formula One, doesn’t mean that all Russians are known enough about other races and drivers, pity sad.
Once upon the time someone new will be on top of Autosport. We must know who that person is. That's for will not work as with Nico Rosberg, surprised us so much. Yes, yes just because we didn’t know what is hidden behind his personality and appearance!
Let's get acquainting!

He is very young; borne 30 November 1995, and that’s good age!
He is British, that’s good news - had a lot of good examples. And he looks not bad) Lets be seriously!
Welcome, Sebastian Morris!

What about your success?
2015 GP3 Series
2014 Formula Renault 2.0 Alps
2013 BRDC Formula 4 Championship
2012 Formula Renault BARC
2012, 2014 Formula Renault 2.0 NEC
2010-2011 Ginetta Junior Championship

Exactly good work in the British GT Championship!

 Sebastian Morris

Nice bio, but it’s just numerals (

Well, all of you saw it. Silverstone GP Circuit.
The corner's turns are tough. Aggressive driving style. Very impression, emotional reaction. But it’s very fast and very self-assertive. Cleverly uses the gas pedal and brake, well-owned transmission! He feels the car right - intuitively. Practical, but emotional. BUT, what I like the most of all - is his desire for primacy and the willingness to fight for places.

Dears we need new champions, need wins and need pole positions. How you think, did self-assertive of Sebastian Morris will allow him to rise further in the Autosport’s world, or he needs more experience? 

Taisiya Lavi

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