“Leave me alone!” He knows what to do.

Robert Kubica
Robert Kubica

Once upon the time Kimi Raikkonen said it and was right! Would Robert Kubica return? What kind of time he will show? What is in his plans? Which team he would choose? Let's stop the questions.
You know, I think Robert Kubica knows what to do and how it does well without us! In this way with his abilities, possible to don’t doubt that in Hungary he doing his best.

Robert Kubica
Robert Kubica

Whether you want it or not, but Robert will be coming back to Formula One. Why? Because he is a talent and he proved it! Canadian GP (2208), Bahrain GP (2008) and many more. We will remember these for a very long time!
Wants or not by Charlie Whiting, but Kubica will be driving in F1, but doesn’t in the Renault Sport Formula One Team.

Wants or not by Alain Prost….well it is not so important as his fans, whose supporting him. 
Dears, it’s definitely that for now, Robert Kubica is needed by our support and faith in his success, without any "but!" and "how?" and even "why?".
Although, if all journalists and others worried by who wants to know about the future without fortune-tellers, lets nervous about Pascal Wehrlein, whom a career in Sauber F1 Team comes to the end without time for being. Are you ready? Let's worry about it.

However, I’m believe that real, true loyal fans will say kind of important words, which will inspire the Formula One’s driver. Meanwhile, let's just leave him alone, because he knows what to do.

Taisiya Lavi

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