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Driver Kevin: Legend of the Haas F1 Team’s car (2017)

Driver Kevin

Just imagine.

By the legend who will take up the wheel of the Haas F1 Team’s car will be invincible, and he wouldn’t be equals in the racing battle.
And came Romain Grosjean and raised the steering wheel and...... did happen nothing (relatively!).
The time went on, Esteban Gutierrez pulls and forced and could not achieve what did by Romain Grosjean.

 Romain Grosjean

The characters are change like times go by. And now it's the time of Kevin Magnussen. ..... And then bad luck.....
Who watched the movie King Arthur: Legend of the Sword (2017)?  Did the main idea remind you of anything? Good heavens! Yes it is.....

Kevin Magnussen

For the first time I saw Kevin Magnussen in Sochi GP 2016. He seemed to me normally very friendly, sociable and likable young man. Almost like on the the battle... And that scares me a little. All we know that he's a great driver and yes, as a man must be very good. Personally I hadn’t a chance to communicate with him. One way or another, sometimes I was confused by the results of his performances.

Kevin Magnussen

I have clearly impression that he's afraid of his car. It seems he's afraid to take the maximum from it, to open to rely on the car and show us all what he's capable of. Kevin Magnussen is able for lot and that's a fact!
Kevin Magnussen

Kevin, don’t worry about the car, it's yours and it will lead you to the fame and success!

I believe that will come one day and by the one fine morning Kevin Magnussen take the wheel of the Haas F1 Team’s car, and he will not be equals on the track in practice and qualifying and the race! And a day like this will come on! This is the end of the legend!

Kevin Magnussen

Don’t be afraid of the analogy with the movie and the main character. We're just waiting from Kevin Magnussen the best performances, let him know that people believe in him and let him trust to the car as the film's main character to his sword, which helped to win not only his rivals, but his doubts to.

Kevin Magnussen

Let's wish success to Kevin Magnussen, because the half of the season is over!
The success of Stewart-Haas Racing — it is another story! Thank you all!

King Arthur

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