Do you like the Formula One rumors? As much as I hate it?

Formula One  rumors
Formula One  rumors
Someone believes in everything in the tabloids as much as I hate it.
The rumors didn’t happen from nothing, but there are a lot of insiders and sources for now. So I haven’t the strength to be silent!
According to rumors, Sebastian Vettel is not going to working with Scuderia Ferrari for more than one year. He leaves. And what about his undeniable devotion to the team?

The rumors told us Kimi Raikkonen will leave the sport in 2019. Moreover, even the driver doesn't know for sure, but yellow pages is full of information. This is too much!
Strange journalists are argued that Max Verstappen goes into the Scuderia Ferrari F1 team.

So where do you get this information? Who? Who is that loud-voiced broadcaster, who is afraid of nothing?
Let's move on. They say the McLaren Honda F1 team will collapse with motors Honda. The rumors assert that Fernando Alonso will never get his 3rd title. The Honda is correcting mistakes at all forces (we have already seen). Is Fernando Alonso relaxing in the night clubs? He spends all his power on self-improvement and achieving his goal! How can you try to read all these gossips?

Formula One  rumors
Formula One  rumors

Do you read all these? Do you really believe it as much as I hate? Dears do rely on to your intuition watch the races and interviews and don't read the tabloids every day and the rumors would be less one by one!

Taisiya Lavi

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