Dear drivers! It’s happens!

George Russell
George Russell

Someone dares to tell the truth, or…..? 
Meeting George Russell! What? Who is? Well, lets think that the relevant to Formula 1 racing, not battles in the race. Moreover, George Russell, a participant by the youth program of Mercedes. So that’s who you are satisfied by the system of Halo!

Don’t let be thinking that his sitting behind an F1 car 2017 was very difficult for himself. I'm more interested in the other. How could you deny the obvious?

George Russell
George Russell

The young fighter claims that Halo isn't so bad and looking good for system safety. And now, the culmination dears!
George Russell didn’t drive like you, not full force - at first!
Halo working when the sun is falling down – at second!
But he dared to say....yes he is the first; the halo is not so bad for him – at third!
Why Sebastian Vettel said nothing about Halo? Because smart stronger drivers are rather to say nothing than something unfavorable for bosses.

Didn't keep seeing traffic-lights; it's visible badly. And of course to get out from the cockpit more difficult. Don’t deny? Why George Russell couldn’t say the truth? Because .....
So, have you to disassemble? At least for the good?

Taisiya Lavi

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