Better worse for Daniel Ricciardo!

Taisiya Lavi August 09, 2017

Dear Daniel Ricciardo! We know you are simple, that’s why people like to talk with you and is the reason why fans love you. For these free weekends get a hold of yourself! You worked with Sebastian Vettel and with  Max Verstappen for now. What's the better worse?

 Sebastian Vettel
is an interesting person; opened for talking, for fans for journalists, but… He really looks similar as the fox, especially in the red colors of the Scuderia Ferrari Formula One team. He is very smart and knows what to say, to who and when most importantly! So, be careful! Nonetheless, he is very emotional. Is it the effect of Ferrari or something else? So, keep your ears close to the ground, how it says in Russia.

What about Mad  Max Verstappen? Dear Daniel Ricciardo, your person is closer for us. We had been seen everything that happens. Anyway, Max Verstappen very young and very emotional. He is a private person for fans for journalists too. And we see he couldn’t take the pressure on the track. Be knows.

So, what is better worse? The answer only you know. Be stronger and ready for next fight on the racetrack, and we in Russia will be cross our fingers for your luck!

Dear fans of Daniel Riccardo I have a question for you. How you think, what is the better worse for Daniel? It’s a really funny and interesting question for me) Waiting for your comments)

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