Why I will never sit behind the wheel of a sport car?

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I’ll be crying and screaming, but I'll never do it! Not that wheel of relationships, that someone wants to hear from me. Everyone wants to hear why I’m not a driver every day; after all, I like to be a co-driver. That’s the first reason my love for autosportare the tactics. Seeing figures, km, times; especially in bad conditions

I don’t believe that ladies are pretty good drivers, but of course, there are exceptions. Don’t want to say something bad about girls’ drivers. But….

I saw an interesting scene. There was such a big pothole. Sedans SUVs sports cars, urban, does not matter. There was a lot because it was peak hour. Every car stopped accelerating because there was a man. I don’t know how they all doing it, Maybe, they just have extraordinary feelings? I guess man stopped before had seen the pothole. Women just drove away according to the big pothole. They didn’t think about suspension or bottom! It doesn’t matter for them. Why?

I found the answer!
Seeing how man behaves him selves into the sports car, I understood, they feel car intuitions. I mean they drive from intuition when girls are thinkable. That’s the reason for the hard parking.


OK, it’s not a problem take a car and go (not too far) for shopping or something else. What about sports cars? That’s the second reason for my love for autosport.  I believe that cars of Great Enzo Ferrari’s or Pagani’s or McLaren’s or Lamborghini’s have special spirit (guess drivers understand me) Just look it! Sometimes seem like cars living by itself)
 They look such a kind of beauty, they are faster as much as speed of sound…. That’s why I like speed; to see how to steal away the road from my eyes, when your speed takes 225 km\h; or seeing how the forest comes to life by the headlights at night. I like that feeling when seat belt takes you carefully at that moment car rotate 45 degrees when you close your eyes and feeling with the car as one ….


So men like….no, they love cars, understanding it into their minds. That is the reason why I don't ever sit behind the wheel. 

Taisiya Lavi

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