Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel. Always be yourself!

Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel
Baku GP 2017

What was wrong with the Baku Grand Prix in 2017? 

Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel had such an incredible incident that even bored Formula One fans joined the translation on TV. How Sebastian Vettel drove on the real road is possible, but we would never experience that in Formula One. This episode of the Baku Grand Prix will be on repeat. The main question looks like "How is reasonable this among Formula 1 drivers?" 

Unjustified risk at the Baku Grand Prix.

Formula 1 is full of risk: it starts when a driver gets in the car, and when there are 20 drivers, the risk in Formula One multiplies to 20 times. Sebastian Vettel and Lewis Hamilton have huge racing experience, they always know what they are doing. Baku is a very difficult circuit and this incident is unacceptable, even when you are talking about Formula One world champions. Isn't it? It's unacceptable when we're talking about rules, when everything is governed by the FIA Formula One rules.

A lot of people criticize Formula 1 as an unnecessary risk. But what would life be like if we only did what is necessary? Niki Lauda

Always be yourself

People want to see real people behind the F1 cars, not the motorsports robots. I would like to see real emotions rather than"fake" principles of etiquette. I would like to see this incident and want to know what Sebastian Vettel and Lewis Hamilton are thinking about it after the race. Cause this is real people and real emotions. even they are risking these drivers have reasons "why", even more the case about Formula 1 champions.


***post updated October 2020

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