The truth about auto sport's fans.

Fans of autosport
F1 fans

What kind of problems get the autosport fans. They get over 1000 miles, they spend 1000 minutes under the hot sun and the pouring rain. They stand in the queues of 100 people. All these just for one thing — to meet their selves hero, shake his hand and say “Thank you, Dear”. For someone this meeting is a moment of happiness for anyone is an unforgettable experience, for another is the seconds that decide life's path.

Lewis Hamilton fans
F1 fans

I'm talking about the Formula -1 not only. NASCAR, WRC, DTM. Don't want to talk about Indycar. The last is the closest to the people, my opinion. Anyway:

 auto sport's fans.
F1 fans

1. Km. Fans travel from different cities of countries, covering thousands of different conditions of life.
2. Time. Did you know that most motor sport's fans, as it is not going to anticipate vacation or holiday, they still go with the one goal — to see the race? They've spent the uncountable amount of time.
3. How many brave boys and girls are there? 1000? 10 000? 100 000? And they all are getting together in one place. Some of them are completely healthy and full of energy, and someone is suffering from ailments because of age or other reasons.
4. Tickets’ prices.
The WRC is more available for fans  25 euros in the beginning.
DTM — 35 euros in the beginning
Nascar — $80 in the beginning 
Formula one –$200 in the beginning 

Guys, now, let's think about the privileges of the Paddock’s club or others “Villages”! Because nothing is impossible in the world! Only the price will be higher on average in 3 – 10 times! How so? After all, what distinguishes a simple boy from the province, who all his life living a dream, being the driver of Motorsport and, say only a fan, but known, not from the province and from Monaco? How do they differ?

Paddock’s club

You know, I never understand the price of divisions, so many options for tickets, namely, price. Of course, I understand the global crisis and rising prices. I wish true fans would be free passing in the paddock and had no limitations. I can already hear your outrage. But, let's look at how many years humans big or little are keen on racing, not in his wallet. I think this is the most appropriate criterion.

auto sport's fans

What do you think about it?

Taisiya Lavi

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