Oh Halo, Halo…. Let’s try again.

Taisiya Lavi July 27, 2017
Antonio Paglia's project

Halo system in Formula 1 racing.

The  @sebenezer_m told me about a unique project - new HALO. No I have nothing to hide, no idea who is Antonio Paglia! I must admit as a designer the creator did a good job!

Antonio Paglia's project
This was my first imagination about new Italian project. News says it looks like incest old and 2025! Wow! But let's return from fantasy land to the real world. How would you react by seeing it on the track?
Antonio Paglia's project

Agree that the system halo here look nice, but

But it's just a picture. I will say more in the rain this look can be, but.....but, as for other time.?
Antonio Paglia's project
I want driver nodded his head to me or to wave his hand or grabbing a flag by joy!

I believe that if men chose this profession, so they are real warriors, and they just need to realize motor sport’s dangerous. I'm not talking about Indycar. Oh, Halo, I think we will have nothing happens. You're good.... were it necessary. In that case, maybe ..... Let’s do equip Russian cars by system Halo! What do you think?

Who is tried to drive a Russian LADA?

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