Max Verstappen like Ayrton Senna. Really?

Max Verstappen like Ayrton Senna
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 Not a long time ago someone said Max Verstappen wants to be a champion. Yes, you heard right. It was Jos Verstappen: “Max wants to become F1 world champion, and he will do anything to win....”. Really? And what these of anything he will do? I have a question — why Max Verstappen will not say us about it? Why his dad does it? What does Jos Verstappen decide in F1’s championship? The answer is — nothing, well almost. I think you understand me.
Okay, let it be!

Well, lately Max Verstappen talks too much. But this does not give him the advantage. He speaks and speaks...and speaks. What about actions? Where is the unique feature of the champion “looks to the future”?

Well, let him speak. But why someone compares him with Ayrton Senna? Sorry guys might be I'm not understand everything, but...... Ayrton Senna was a completely different person. It person is a legend. 

How do you think if he'd heard something like that, what would do a real champion?
Funny, isn't it? Anyway, Max trying to get high results. Well, where are they? Yes, he is young, I remember, but he started to drive been so younger. Back to the results! I am talking about not of those results that we see from Daniel Ricciardo.
 Where is it? I’m about the same, nothing. Forgive me Jos Verstappen, but let's face the truth. Iron nerves and steely character and unique leadership skills…. Where are?
No, it's not so bad, everything comes with time. I believe Max Verstappen will get experience not only, but also to cultivate a true samurai spirit of Ayrton Senna.
That’s all!

Taisiya Lavi

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