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Little story about Fernando Alonso. Bushido in Russia.

Fernando Alonso

Warriors have only one judge of honor and character, and this is themselves. Decisions they make and how these decisions are carried out are a reflection of whom they truly are. You cannot hide from yourself….

You cannot hide from yourself, even if you can do from TV cameras or photographer’s shooting. The real samurai of our time is a human that devoted to his ideals so much sacrificing everything that he has for the sake of higher goals till the end.

All sport TV channels told so, that we believe that he will be fighting for 3rd title till the end and.... Come on! This willing is a big rare for our time like it from fairy tale, that we believe on. I could say nothing about it because don’t know as well! I ’m not a fan of Fernando Alonso, just spectator but will tell you about that I’m sure.
Fernando Alonso

I don’t know if Fernando Alonso remembers this story. It was autograph session on GP Sochi 2016. 
So little time and so many people as usually the case. Little boy, small driver (4 or 5 years) at the crowd was shining as night star. He had been hiding in front more than 100 people more than 100 minutes under the hot sun till seen Fernando Alonso. His young father helped to took of sports helmet. Little sportsman went to Fernando and beginning to talking by Russian about his carrier and about his life. I saw driver didn’t understand the words, but understood young's senses. Fernando Alonso stopped and took the pause for autograph on helmet for luckiness and gave the special card for small boy. The little was smiling …., you have to see those two big eyes at that moment, those shining like suns …. I think he was happy! And it’s not happiness of fans, no… Did you know at that moment changed the way of life younger boy? He decided to be like Fernando Alonso.

Actually, other cities of Russia live not as well as Moscow. Little boy had two ways: to forget about dreams and working hard for money or forget about dreams and working hard for money. But he chosen the other. Small boy believe auto sport — the way of Samurai. 

That's all secret Fernando Alonso’s popularity. What about that little driver? It’s going to be a few years, and he would be able to replace Daniil Kvyat. I really sorry for loose the picture of that boy. But you could ask F1driver about it.

3rd and 5th title of Formula-1’s championship. I guess he knows it without us and will and get it! My best wishes for Birthday F1’s samurai. You have completely right to celebrate one more year, that would be remarking by trace in auto sport’s history.

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