Hey formula 1 halo !

Halo F1
Hey Halo

To be or not to be…

Hey halo device! Why we are listening about you in formula 1 news too much? Of course, dear 'head protection' you thinking about our safety, about our lives you are carry on. We need you. 

So, we must say - to be….for the halo system, but….
Why ….why are you looking like so….so… 

Halo F1
Halo F1

I haven’t worked, really, let’s looking for  formula 1 Ferrari halo
It’s massive system. I’m really don’t know what do drivers thinking about it, but….Maybe, just for me, head protection would be like this…

formula 1 Ferrari halo
Halo F1

I have a big “but” for this miracle system protection. Looking at the other series’ races! Guys look at the brave drivers GP2 or Indycar’s Scott Dixon!

I understand, that auto sport it’s the most extreme sport, most dangerous. It’s like the selection of live formula 1 or other! I mean our drivers are real warriors of severe competition.

F1 crashes
F1 crashes

So, dear halo system protection, we are really treasure of you, but maybe for you - not to be?

Taisiya Lavi

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