Taxi driver as a sportsman,

Taxi driver
Autosport driver with you in the taxi car; how would you respond to that? I often use a taxi service. Opening the car door, looking in the mirror and seen there to the driver of any series.

I would......tell you the truth, I would be in a panic trying to get out of the car! Honestly! Why? I understand that many drivers have their "special" driving style: sharp, soft...... But when you don't know and have no idea about the car behaves on the straights in the turns, what kind of speed will be, you begin to scare all and your heart is freezes. A real driver is a man and car at one! Don't agree? Take a look at any WRC stage!

DTM’s driver

By the way, did you know that Moscow still has fans of the famous film "Taxi"? They imitate the main character. But where are they to real drivers!
 film "Taxi
Seriously, real racing taxi for me it is
racing taxi
But the real city race driver, not a driver of Formula -1, or junior series! Who?

DTM’s driver

Mattias Ekström! Only DTM’s driver understands the car, he feels it at all. That's the kind of taxi I would get.....of course as a co-driver.

And you?

Taisiya Lavi

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