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Christian Horner and his steel nerves.

Christian Horner
I've had the opportunity to work with many famous people. There were great officials and Directors of various companies.  Unfortunately I always seen people's flaws; it’s my personal character, as a first. But we all people we do mistakes. And we have differently reaction.
Every time when I see Christian Horner’s job ….I have been understand that he is natural. I want to believe him.
When their team had these problems….

Christian Horner

Or these….
Sebastian Vettel and Mark Webber

For example: did you see the expression of Eric Boullier in McLaren’s test and later? Is that steel nerves?
Eric Boullier in McLaren

I guess not. He always same : when they have problems, 
when …..
McLaren’s test
Toto Wolff more expressive with steel nerves. Of course I’m talking like spectator.  But something is strange with that. Maybe because Niki Lauda always there, it’s easier way for hard decision.  I don’t believe to Toto Wolff. Seems like something he's not telling to us.

As second and last – to be truth. It’s  more important than make mistakes  - to be truly. In Russia we have not so much people who could do it. …..we have ones who have steel nerves but a little of ones could say the truth.  As spectator if I have the boss I want to that he will be like Christian Horner.

Are you?
Christian Horner

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