Indianapolis Motor Speedway VS Formula One

INDYCAR VS Formula One

Someone Inquired: "who's gonna stay with Indy 500, Formula-1, do you think in a miracle?"
Too much terrible' things Decide about what doing or speaking videos. Is it really so terrible?
As first,
We All too scared by your own crashing! Just believe that you have a lot of lovers, we encouraging and wanting health! Please, don't scare us like that, make us grin to your wins!
Let us discuss that kind of A lot of fans talking about this sad ending...however...Are you certain? I mean, no one knew it will be like it was?
In spring we heard that great winner Fernando Alonso Would not be in Monaco GP, but get started preparing himself for Indy500, can it be a fantastic idea in Motorsports planet?
Formula One
In his first qualifying, came. Does that say something about [the level] of Indy Car? Fantastic drivers, even if they can't succeed in Formula One.... '
He's appropriate. But, why all people Waiting to get a triumph from 1 individual, but we had a good deal of different drivers - 32,
This Circumstance inspired us, I guess all worlds observed, but I Possess the query: who and decided to ask the driver for rushing like that together with the understanding that he has no clinic?
INDYCAR VS Formula One

Formula One
Horner was correct -"Zak has this issue. He has a driver on his hands and he's trying to keep him inspired. He has produced this idea to send him to Indianapolis, but he has to be barking mad. . .It is the nuttiest race I have ever seen... So I believe he needs to find a psychiatrist personally."
It scared.
Even far more... Meanwhile, Mario Andretti talking about other great winners: Lewis Hamilton, Sebastian Vettel..... The following time you going for the race and ok, you have a driver and you talking about other drivers at this time. What is wrong, where is the inspiration together with all that pr-actions?
Indy 500.
We saw a Great Deal of pr-, I Mean much, like too.
We watched that the classifications and all Sports waited. What 5th? So sad -- for fans, so odd for drivers, too much inspiration forZak Brown, that no longer had been quite even for one day.
The entire world saw The race, Monaco watched, (I guess Jenson Button really very good teammate, proud him) Moscow no sleeping, because of big fantasies!

INDYCAR VS Formula One

Before 20 stop....sad? Really? What about the other 3's Honda? What about Honda? I mean this is a problem everybody saw, but Brown has a great deal of inspiration, a lot of smiles? Let's grin like Mr. Brown failed when he said in a contract with Honda's motors. Who is gonna remain with Indy 500?
I guess someone who believes in Someone and Quicker wins who has large inspiration from it.
Very good race, in case we couldn't Think about things that are not quite that are small. So, we simply close our eyes on it, and be glad)
Can you state a wonder?
Miracle? Miracle -- that Zak Brown's driveraverted the crashing, Miracle -- Sebastien Burde, Miracle -- Kimi Raikkonen's pole position, that's the Miracle, is not?
P.s: Until this moment I Can't know what kind of thing forgets Nico Rosberg at Monaco Circuit? He Leaves used means the ending.

Taisiya Lavi

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