Mclaren Honda…. for reasons unknown….

Mclaren Honda

Mclaren Honda: bad romance happened....

Mclaren's team began a brand new season with the new power Of dreams a bit colder. It had been so beautiful history and a big love with dreams of wins in tournament, dreams only. This entire story sounds like words of The Killers's song"For reasons unknown" .

We told about a very strange situation as it all started, someone to.
Guys, did you Remember these stops without results, which laps without any moment on Formula-1's tests in February? March?

By this manner everyone saw true Situation....something wrong but tried to stand up and doing nothing, telling us everything is great. The fans' intuition telling that it would not be a happy ending.

Please a little bit Closer towards the very best! I guess all you know about Zak Brown's wicked on Honda like Eric Boullie too, before Canadian GP.... .but...

'......But my heart, It don't conquer, but it do not beat on to.
And my eyes, they do not see you no more......'

Are I simply asking -- Where are you were before? 
Where have you been when your team does not get someplace? Where have you been, when was Australia's GP, China GP, Abu Dhabi, Russia, Spain, Monaco? 
Whenever your driver hasn't any words, when your automobile ceased, where have you been? I mean everyone attempting to be good, saying something similar to it's a Honda's fault or Yusuke Hasegawa's fault. 
People, we do mistakes but why you talking about it at this time? Why all speaking like Honda's heart do not beat -- it's a Honda's problem and it is a lousy love happening at this time, really? Where are you were?

Let's attempt to Discover a large love for Mclaren -- Mercedes. No remark. How can you think, men, will it work or? So, Mclaren +Mercedes = love? Maybe, from time it'll be, but it's only do not conquer...

Want to say about the good Work of Mercedes and Lewis Hamilton's job. Due to Esteban Ocon and Sergio Perez and Sahara Force India for the perfect job.

I think you did that day!

Taisiya Lavi

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