Valtteri Bottas and his career test

Valtteri Bottas
Valtteri Bottas

Valtteri Bottas: an internship or even a fantastic future?

He's a wonderful driver. Let's talking about something else. Bad or good? Everyone betting about it, and also we wouldn't be in the side. Although we understand that only time will judge us.

Lewis Hamilton
It is not a secret that Lewis Hamilton -- a true winner. He is strong. Not a lot will compete with him. Toto Wolff had understood this when picking candidates.

We all know that Finnish drivers are extremely calm (character ). Opening biography, Valtteri Bottas is composed, knows what he wants and goes to the conclusion, do not have emotions. The latter way is not normal for Hamilton.

But, let's continue. On the background of Felipe Massa, no crime, any specialist would show a similar outcome. But, nothing to hide, there were a couple.

Valtteri Bottas
Valtteri Bottas

So an internship or a great future?

1. Lewis knows the car greater, 1:0 in favor of Hamilton

2. Finnish less emotional, 1:1 in favor of Bottas

3. Hamilton's racing experience looks better, 2:1 in favor of Lewis

4. But the practice at the more difficult states says 2: 2 in favour of Valtteri Bottas.

When his career influenced by it? Did you see that? This year do not worry, we'll see!

I am sure the leaderships were well aware of all these aspects, cause all people say"Everything is in the hands of Bottas!". However, we all know what's going to be the determining factor for Valtteri in this season. The media needs to letting no pressure out of him and we'll see: coaching for a year or a great future open for your driver!

Who you would wish to see Lewis Hamilton at Mercedes AMG Petronas F1 Team?

Taisiya Lavi

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